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Ven. Naranpanawe Ananda Thero
Hon. Principal
Sri Sumanatissa Dhamma School
The Statement of the Principal Thero...
It is our bounden duty and responsibility to care about Our country, our nation, our religion, our culture And Indiginousness
Bequeath A productive, obedient, Dignified and courteous, loyal, devout buddhist citizen Endowed with Devotion and veneration to the triple gem Buddhist concepts and norms Leadership traits Perseverence to sharpen and deepen Inborn talents To make a renaissance.
It is an immense pleasure to say that our Sri Sumanatissa Dhamma School has many achievements under her belt at provincial, district and all island levels attracting the attention of many students and their ambitious parents. Due to untiring commitment of all, 95% of our students sail through the examination conducted by the Dept. of Buddhist Affairs. Our Dhamma School takes pride of place due to seasoned staff members and has been prominent for majority of them being clever monks in comparison to other Dhamma Schools in the locality.

English Medium section which had a humble beginning in the year of 2010 with two students, now has flourished into 50 students. The hallmarks of our Dhamma School are Annual Sinhala New Year festival, Poson Devotional Song Performance, Prize Giving Ceremonies which are helpful to broaden the horizons of studious students. Experience and knowledge that students acquire with active participation in our Dhamma School surely be once in a life time chance.
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